5 Simple Ideas to Make Your Dining Room the Life of the Party

Dining with Debbie Downer

The party is going fab until Debbie walks in. The whole room seems to sink.  Debbie means well, but she's not fun to hang with and leaves everyone feeling like cutting out early to binge watch the Walking Dead.  Even zombies aren't quite as depressing.

Is your dining room having the same effect on your holiday guests? Here are some quick additions you can make that will make even Debbie smile.  By adding one or all of these pieces, your dining room will be the life of the party with out having to wear a tacky lampshade. You can use these key elements for any season and enjoy them long after you've poured the last glass of New Year's Champange.



A new tablecloth is a great jumping off point for styling your dining table.  Start with a plain white tablecloth, layering some glitzy sparkle and shine with a metallic table runner or placemats.  If you want things a little less fussy, try a tablecloth with a metallic motif. Add a seasonal centerpiece and Debbie will have one less thing to be down about.

Its good to have a full plate

A new set of dishes may be just what Debbie needs to get into the holiday spirit.  Try a non-traditional shape in a neutral color. Square or over sized plates can make great chargers to give your current dishware a lift.  The unconventional shape adds another interesting element to your tablescape.

Sit down, make yourself comfortable

Replace the two chairs at the table with some scupltural, sexy host and hostess chairs.  This is a great way to add color and comfort to your soiree. Don't be afraid to mix and match styles, if you have a traditional dining set, throw in something a little more modern. Bonus points for recovering the seats of your current chairs to coordinate with their new neighbors.


Take down the existing art work and hang a fabulous mirror to reflect the sparkle of the season.  Mirrors are great for bouncing light around the room.  Just be sure not to hang the mirror too high.  Take a minute to reflect on what the mirror will reflect, (see what I did there?) if the only thing you see is the ceiling, feel free to take it down a notch.

Belly up to the bar

A bar cart is a fun and functional way to channel your inner Don Draper.  Again, it's ok to mix styles, especially if it is a piece that you love. Around the holidays, especially, its even ok to mix metals.  Silver, gold and brass add another element of sparkle. Acrylic takes up little visual space and can be a show case for fun accessories.

Bonus Round

Fun and glitzy (are we sensing a theme here?) bar accessories are just plain festive!  Even if you don't have room for a bar cart, you always use beautiful, shiny objects to style your countertop refreshment station.  

I've talked a lot about mixing and matching.  Sometimes it can be hard tell how much mixing is matching and how much is taking you into Debbie Downer territory. I can help you pull it all together. Drop me a line.

Live Colorfully,