How a $6 Investment Can Save You Time and Money

We've lived in our Woodinville home for a little over two years.  If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know that the house we started with was, well, to borrow from one of my HGTV faves, a "fixer upper." Most of the house needed a lot of love.  The living room, however, needed only cosmetic fixes, the dry wall, flooring and popcorn ceiling be gone!


When we moved in, I basically took the living room from my old house, rearranged it slightly and installed it in my new space.  I loved it that way for two years. But for me, in interior designer land, two years is an eternity!  In rolls 2016! I've always felt that January is a great time for a new start, so I have decided to give my living room a refresh, all without spending a lot of our hard earned cash.


New paint, new accessories, new space plan...on a budget!

The first order of business is to pick a paint color.  I have been crushing on dark walls for quite a while now.  I love the moodiness and drama created by such a bold statement.  Since you have to walk through my living room get to the rest of the house, I wanted to make this space something that might stop you in your tracks before you move on to the color filled space that is my kitchen and great room.

Get to the part about saving money!

When picking a paint color, most people head to the paint section of the hardware store and stare open mouthed at the vast array of color cards and paint chips.  They may take home a few of these teeny-tiny scraps of colored paper, pinning up their favorite selections. They then proceed to have 3 gallons of "August Morning" mixed up only to find after they've painted that it is too orange in the daytime and makes the sofa look like mud. 

Sample Size to the Rescue


These little sample sizes of paint cost only $2.94 each!! Two for a total of $6.44 in cash after tax. For that price, you can have at least two, maybe three or more of your favorite colors mixed up to take home and try out on your walls.  So many people skip this step!  Don't be one of those people!  If you are not willing to have swatches on your walls while you are deciding on your dream color, you can even take the paint in the sample pots, and paint it on a piece of foam core and move it around the room to see how the paint looks on every wall on at different times in the day.

It seems like this isn't saving time!

It may seem like this is an extra step that you can skip, after all the paint swatch is a good representation of the color, isn't it? NO! If you have ever had to re-paint a room, going back to the hardware store, having to wait in line while they mix up another couple of gallons, dragging out the drop cloths and paint brushes, you will know that getting a couple paint sample pots will save time in the long run.  It also gives you time to get to know the paint color, to see if you are really a match made in design heaven.


Last Friday night, as per our date night custom, my husband I headed out to Home Depot and brought home a couple of sample pots of paint.  The colors I wanted to try were Onyx and Grey Metal.  I found it kind of ironic that when hubby labeled the swatches with the corresponding first letter of the color name, he inadvertently spelled out the word GO.  I took this as a sign.  I am going to GO for it with Grey Metal! If you need help picking a paint color I'm here for you. Drop me a line. 

Stay tuned to see more updates as my living room refresh progresses!

Live Colorfully,