How fall in love with your living room

February 14th, Valentine's day, is coming and I'm just not feeling the love. My relationship has gone stale.  Every day I come home to the same old thing and, if we're being honest here, I really need a change. Thankfully, I'm talking about my relationship with my living room and not my husband of 26 years (Honey, we're doing just fine!).

The Romance is Gone

Individually, I love all my pieces, I really do.  My vintage dog bone sofa, reupholstered in a worth-the-wait-on-back-order Robert Allen fabric still makes my heart skip a beat. I still get a thrill when I think about how I found the retro glass and chrome buffet at a hole-in-the-wall antique store. I can recall how brightly the sun shone the day I met the Mid-Century lamps of my dreams, beckoning me with their original fiberglass shades from the driveway of a garage sale. I love my vintage poster, my funky white coffee table and my Andy Warhol Coca-Cola bottle artwork. I even love the function my run-of-the-mill Billy bookcases provide, showcasing my collections and pretty things that I also love. But seeing them in the same way, everyday, I'm just not feeling the heat.

Let's inject some zing into this affair without registering for Ashley Madison!


First we've got to get in the mood.  This mood board gives me that warm fuzzy feeling that puts a little flutter in my stomach again.

I took inspiration from a fabric that I fell in love with and have been dying to use.  I thought we could use a little drama in our day to day interaction, enter the dark gray paint I've crushing on for the walls. And all the pieces that I love are here!  Just a nip and tuck for some of the more tired ones and a couple of new players added to rekindle that spark.  Resurrecting this relationship will take a little bit of work, but in the end I think it's worth it.

The stars must be aligned, all the pieces put in place.

It starts with a little fooling around.  I play with the floorplan moving things around to see what feels right.

From this:


To this:


I can feel the tingle again, something's starting to happen.  It was there all a long, maybe we just needed some space. With the piano gone (it will find a new lease on love relocated in the great room) the space feels fresh and new, like I'm cheating on my old floorplan. 

Put it into Perspective


I'm studying these drawings like the profiles on I definitely want to see the room on the right again. I think we'll make a date. Check back for progress on my new relationship.

Consider me as your room match maker

It's okay, you can admit that the fire has dimmed, the spark has fizzled or that you're ready to walk away from the whole affair.  There's no shame in acknowledging you need a change. Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to see things in a new way. I can help you revive your relationship with your home. Drop me a line.


Live Colorfully,