Decorating With Lipstick


I was feeling a little out of sorts.  I had just come home from  parents weekend at my daughter's college, my husband was away on a business trip and the record breaking Spring heat wave had turned into the gloomy gray mist that is April in the Pacific Northwest.  These were reasons, I thought, why I felt  like the quiet kid on the playground, shoulders slumped, head bowed, looking for something to cheer me up. Little did I know there was a simple explanation for my solemn spirit. I had misplaced my favorite lipstick.


It may seem trivial, but for most of my makeup wearing life, I have picked a signature shade to add the finishing touch to my kisser. Granted, the shade has changed from the Wet n Wild 506 days of the eighties,


to a (hopefully) more sophisticated shade of Ulta 252.


I usually stick with a shade through a couple of tubes or through a season, but this particular shade had staying power.  It spoke to me, and not just because it was on my lips and that's what I use to speak... we had been together for at least three tubes.  I felt exposed without it.  So, I went about my week, not connecting the loss of my favorite lip shade to the shadow my mood cast over my days. I searched haphazardly through the black hole that is my purse, still unable to locate said tube of Ulta 252.

There were many different tubes of lipstick in my purse that I could fall back on. I could try other colors. More of a nude lip, perhaps?  


Bold red for the summer season?



I decided to go with your basic lip care, Burt’s Bees.  At least my pucker would be protected. I got used to my lips feeling naked. But all the while, I knew something was off.

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to leave the house, I stumbled upon the remainder of a well loved tube of Ulta 252 in my makeup drawer.  I puckered up, slapped some of that fuchsia lusciousness on my lips and my mood instantly improved.  When I looked in the mirror, my face looked lighter and brighter than it had in days.  I made the connection right then.  This particular shade, at this particular time in my life makes me happy. My signature shade compliments my makeup and completes my look.

So why am I talking about lipstick on an Interior Decorating Blog?  Because, just as I wasn’t able to connect the way I was feeling to my pale naked lips, your space maybe missing it’s signature shade and you might not even realize it. Or maybe you do know something's off, but you aren’t exactly sure what it’s missing. The details in your space are the “lipstick” of interior design. Pillows, accessories, window treatments - these are the finishing touches that make the room complete.

Whether your room needs just a hint of blush, or a “call the girls from Sephora makeover,” I can help you put the lipstick on your room!! And I promise I won’t spritz you with six different fragrances. Drop me a line.

Live Colorfully,