Confessions of a Paint Addict


I have a confession to make. I am addicted to paint.  Not the back-alley-huffing-intervention kind of addiction. But when it comes to neglected and unloved home décor, I can’t stop myself from reaching for the bottle... or can... or jar. It’s a compulsion that thankfully yields in beautiful, happy results.


Case in point.  This filthy rusted metal table. I knew when I saw it, it could be rehabbed even if I couldn’t.


The first step was to take it all apart to see where the table would need the most love.  The top and the bottom shelf had the highest concentration of offensive metal eating rust. 


 Of course my resourceful-knows-how-to-do-stuff-husband came to the rescue with this handy product. 


I just poured it on, scrubbed a little and the nasty ole’ rust came off, well not entirely, but I had a plan to camouflage the not so smooth surface created by the rust that was left after the Evapo-rust had done its thing. 


I painted the legs blue and the top and shelves a citron green. To camouflage the bumpy spots, I took some outdoor fabric left over from one of several pillow projects (I'm sorry, ma'am, the Pillow Addicts meet  down the hall) and traced the shape of the table top and the bottom shelf; adhering the fabric with a spritz of spray glue and done! 



Now that my neglected little table had been through rehab, I needed to update its new half-way house…I mean, new home, my front porch.  Hmmm, what’s a girl to do? A normal girl, might run down to the local store and buy a new rug, but a girl with a predilection for paint? You know what’s coming next…why not paint a rug?!

I had done a painted floor cloth in my previous home to save my hardwood floors from tornadoes that disguise themselves as children; eating, spilling, crafting and most heinously scooting the barstools back and forth on the floor.  When the painted floor cloth had had enough I just cut off the worn edges, slapped another coat of paint on it and called it good.  After 17 years in that house, the floor cloth was the size of a large vinyl tile that I used to line the cabinet under the garbage can under the sink…but I digress.


I knew this was going to be a good idea.  I could get the extact colors I wanted with a custom design. What I had forgotten, was how time intensive it would be and how kneeling on 52-year-old knees is far more difficult than it was when my knees were a mere 32 years old. But the paint was calling…

I started with a sheet of vinyl flooring, not paying attention to the design on the right side, because I use the back side.  Two coats of Kilz Primer and my new rug was on the way.


I started the project outside, but I live in the Pacific Northwest and painting compulsion or not, the weather doesn’t care.  Thankfully, we were having the area rug in the great room cleaned and had already moved the furniture out of the way. Taping off a large rectangle in the center, I used turquoise chalk paint. I was hoping that I could just use the primer as my white stripe, but I ended up taping and painting all the white areas with leftover house paint.


I continued taping and painting, waiting for each stripe to dry.  Did I mention how time intensive this was?  Here's a tip, use the painter's tape to measure the width of the stripes, like this:


Finally, my rug was finished and ready to sponsor my cute little metal table!  My front porch looks fab! 



I think I have my problem under control, for now.  Who knows when I will fall off the wagon again...probably when I see a cute little wagon that needs some love!

If you need some ideas on how to rehab some of your pieces, or some design advice from someone who's been there,  drop me a line. I'd love to hear about your projects.

Live Colorfully,