5 Ways to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space

Here Comes the Sun

Summer's finally hit here in the soggy Pacific Northwest.  The sun is out and we're ready to trade our rain boots for flipflops and get outside. OK, so, we are ready, but how about our outdoor spaces? What's the perfect antidote for the long gray winter in Seattle? In a word, COLOR!

Here are 5 ways to bring color to your outdoor entertaining areas. Read on to get your color on!

1. Use Colorful Outdoor Rugs to Define The Space

Just as with interiors, it's a great idea to ground the space with an area rug or a two, if you have a large deck or patio. Find rugs that amp up the color factor and they will define the dining area and the seating area.

The best outdoor rugs for our climate are made from polypropylene (plastic) because they can withstand those summer rain squalls. I found these at World Market.

2. Add Vibrant Furniture 

Just because most of the outdoor furniture you see comes in varying shades of brown and black, doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Painting metal, wood or even plastic furniture is very basic DIY.  There are so many paints on the market that will stick to just about any surface with out a ton of prep.  

Painting also stretches your budget.  It's easy to find outdoor furniture at thrift stores if you look past their sometimes dingy appearance.  A can of spray paint can revive and marry different pieces to your color scheme. Look how well these chairs play together now that they are all dressed up and ready to party!

Think outside the box! With a little creativity, you can put together items to make furniture that can withstand the elements and be right at home with the rest of your decor.

This table is made from a large pot and a piece of glass. Painting the backside of the glass not only makes it feel right at home with the other pieces on the patio, but it hides the inside of the pot. 

Click here to see more outdoor paint projects.

3. Bring in Fabrics with bold prints and colors that coordinate with your newly painted furniture.

Of course, my favorite way to bring color outside is through pillows (and cushions)! I like to mix patterns with some solids, but the one consistent element is that all the fabrics are made specifically to be outside. That doesn't mean you can leave the pillows out in a torrential down pour but they will be fine for this season and next, if you pull them in when it rains. (I actually just stack mine on the table under the umbrella and they're fine) .

4. Accessories

Here's another area where paint can be your friend, especially if you think outside the box.  You can paint pots, planter boxes and even artwork! 

My daughter painted this henna design on a large framed canvas I found at Goodwill. Chalk paint on the background acts as a primer to cover the original ugly 70's landscape and helps guard against moisture. Since it is under the eave, it lived out there all winter! If you don't have an artist in your family, shop for artwork printed on outdoor canvas readily available on the market.

Shop for acrylic trays, colorful glass tealight holders, and even bird feeders that fit into your color palette.

5. Finish off with plants and flowers

Take those colorful pots you just painted and fill them with flowering plants.  And if you're horticulturally challenged, like me, visit your local flower stand and deck out the tables with vases full of the blooms of the season. 

If you need help making your outdoor space burst with color, drop me a line.

Live Colorfully,