Colorblocking: Add Color Without Adding Pattern

New House, Existing Furniture

My friend Ann just bought a new house.  A big, new to her, house. Along with the expenses involved in the purchase of a new home, come the expenses of furnishing a new home.  So how do you update and make your furniture pieces from your old home fit and feel fresh in your new home without breaking the bank?

Ann had a sofa and a loveseat that she had purchased before the move. She found a floral print fabric on her annual vacation in Hawaii and had some pillows made.


She also found a fun and colorful rug that she loved. Since there was a large scale floral pattern on the rug and a small scale floral on the custom pillows, she was having a hard time finding a fabric that worked well with both existing elements.

Enter Colorblocking

Colorblocking is simply blocks of contrasting solid color, usually in vibrant hues.  It can take many different forms. You can use it in any space by painting an accent wall a dynamic color, or take it a step further and divide the accent wall and use a couple colors.  Pillows and bedding can be colorblocked by combining two or more solid fabrics to coordinate with any color scheme.  The beauty of colorblocking is that you can marry the colors in the space without getting too busy with a lot of pattern.

For Ann's living room, we decided to use the technique for window treatments. Draperies are a great way to add softness, frame the views and dress up the space without depleting the budget for the rest of the house.

The color behind the block

We pulled the colors for the drapes from the rug, deciding that the bright turquoise would really pop in the room and the mid tone green would ground the turquoise.

Not Just Another Chip off the Old Block

We could have stopped there, with the body fabric in turquoise and a grand band of lush green, but details matter.  A decorative tape at the top of the panel, just under the grommets is the element that takes these window treatments up a designer notch.


And did you notice the hardware? Warm dark wood mixed with bright metal, another design detail that adds polish and an updated vibe.

Block Party

We also had some pillows made out of the turquoise fabric to lead the eye around the room.


Do you have a space that could use some color? Drop me a line. I'd love to help!

Live Colofully,