Artwork inspires a relaxing Airbnb In Woodinville WA

Laurie and Rob were adding on to their home. Already successfully renting out the top part of a separate carriage house as an Airbnb; they earmarked 700 square feet of the new addition to the main house, as a studio space to be rented as another Airbnb. The space had to be comfortable for short term stays, as an entertainment space and possibly as a mother-in-law apartment down the road.

Inspiration Strikes

In my world, inspiration comes from everywhere; a piece of fabric, or a beautiful patterned rug. It comes from nature, the way the sun peaks out from the trees, creating lights and darks, the shadows contrast with the bright rays of sunlight that illuminate the trail ahead. Inspiration is the jumping off point for most of what I do. It’s a place to start, it points me in a direction that I can translate into a color palette, a textural story, even a space plan.

Laurie had told me that she wanted the space to be a place for guests to relax, to enjoy the woodsy view from the second story studio. Nestled high in the surrounding evergreens, it already felt like a tree house. Then she pulled out this artwork. Immediately, I knew we could translate this color palette into a relaxing retreat for all her guests.

Cue the color


Taking cues from the inspiration artwork I developed the color palette. The paint, called Vapor Trails, from Benjamin Moore is a soothing choice. Not too gray and not too green, it gives off a neutral but relaxed vibe. Lighter tones are brought in with the quartz contertop, backsplash tiles and natural elements. The cabinets done in Amazon green, give nod to the green that fades into light cream in the art. A deep brown grounds the palette.

From the studs up

Looking at a space before there are walls it’s often hard for people to imagine all that a space can be. Sure, the big picture is sometimes easier to see, especially if the footprint has been predetermined… the plumbing for the sink has to be here, the washer/dryer hookup is here…but looking at two by fours and particle board and seeing the vision of the entire space can be difficult. Unless, you have a 3-D rendering allowing you to virtually walk through the space and really get a feel for the design. (Hint: click here to hire me to do this for you!)

Here’s the Plan, Stan


The kitchenette takes up residence in the corner The laundry sharing a wall with the bath, lives to the left. The living space takes center stage and the Murphy bed tucks right into a nook created by the closet.


Furniture in a small space has to be multi-functional. That’s even more critical in a space that will be rented out to many different people with many different needs. I selected a coffee table that can be raised to dining height. The pub table stores wine glasses and is on wheels so it can easily be moved out of the way or wheeled to the front of the space to take advantage of the large windows. The sofa is an additional fold out bed. The swivel chair is a comfy place to sit and either join the conversation or rotate to take in the view. A Murphy bed provides storage and a place to sleep but can be tucked away when not in use.

And now for the reveal

Bright _yellow_door.jpg

Come on in! I’ll show you around!


All the necessities, sink, dishwasher, fridge, a micowave integrated into the cabinetry give the guests options for dining. Since code didn’t allow for a stove, an induction cooktop. along with pots and pans, is stored in one of the drawers.

Woodinville _airbnb.jpg

The striations in the tile have the same feeling as the horizontal lines in the artwork.


Woven wood blinds add privacy and texture. Full length draperies add pattern, softness and help to dampen sound.

Woodinville _airbnb.jpg

A cozy fireplace and warm textural elements are added to welcome guests.

Woodinville _airbnb.jpg

The versatile Murphy bed looks welcoming and showcases the inspiration artwork.

Woodinville _airbnb.jpg

What inspires you? I can help you translate your inspiration into a welcoming space where you will love to hang out! Drop me a line!

Live Colorfully,